Welcome to the Jesus Animation Project feedback page.

This page exists in order to help you get involved with the Jesus Animation Project. This project is the first tangible expression of the concept of creating a visual translation of the set of scriptures from the Gospel of Luke that have come to form the basis of the JESUS film. The goal of this project is to use these scriptures as a basis for a new telling of the story of Jesus, but in a visual form that will be common ground for a young generation to understand the life of Jesus.

Since you are reading this, you are at the start of something exciting! You are a helping to bring the life-changing message of Jesus to a new generation in a unique way. Your help is vital to making sure this project will be able to connect with people in your country. What is needed right now?

Right now your help is needed on a field test: to show DVD video clips to a group you know, ask them a few questions, get their response and enter the results into an online survey. If you don't have it already, download the field test, print it and the instructions and lets get started. It shouldn't take much time, but you will be helping this project as we seek to change lives for eternity!