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a visual translation of the JESUS film

This is the homepage for the Visual Translation Project. The JESUS film has been translated into over 1000 languages and seen by billions of people. While the audio soundtrack of the film has been changed many times, the visual way in which the story of Jesus is told has not yet been translated for the 15-30 year old generation. The Visual Translation Project seeks to use the same dialog recordings used in JESUS, but translate the visual elements and how the story is told into the modern, visual language of this young, media sophisticated generation...

The big need right now...
One of our biggest needs right now is field testing a 'test of concept' video on YouTube. In cooperation with our Eastern European office, we are trying to get many, many people to view a developing concept video.  Here is the link:

Then, take the online survey showin in the video. The video is also avilable in:



For more info, conatct:

Irvnnan AT gmail.com (shown this way to thwart spam bots, replace the AT with @)